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After two years of travel restrictions associated with the global pandemic it seems most everyone is talking about summer vacation this year! Where to go? Beach or mountains? Is it better to fly or drive? Or, with interest rates rising, is it better to save some money and take a staycation? Or skip the vacation entirely and save the money for a future house project? So many choices! Fortunately, Kansas City Credit Union is here with some tips for saving while planning your summer vacation!

If You Choose to Take a Vacation…

Since gas prices have recently been on the rise, if you choose to go on a driving vacation your trip may cost more than you think. But there are still way ways to enjoy your vacation without breaking the bank. And, if you’re in the market for a new car, now might be the right time to get into a vehicle with better gas mileage. The good news is Kansas City Credit Union can help with an auto loan! Or, if you already have a car loan with KCCU, you may be able to take advantage of Kansas City Credit Union’s 90-Day No Pay Offer.  Or, you could refinance an existing auto loan from another lender at KCCU and take advantage of 90 days without a car payment – which is money that might come in handy on vacation!

To save $ on gas while on vacation, there are several apps available for smartphones that will mark the lowest gas prices at gas stations along your vacation route. It’s often less expensive to bypass gas stations right off highway exits and take the eco-friendly route on your map app. Also, to get the best mileage, make sure your car is up to date on all maintenance – and do not use cruise control while going up steep hills.

If you Choose Not to Go on Vacation…

Have a home improvement you been considering? You can direct vacation money towards a home project you have been wanting to complete and instead have a staycation! Improve your backyard living area, build a new patio, improve your deck and landscaping, add a pool, create an outdoor kitchen or simply add a new grill and some patio furniture.

And, if you forgo a driving trip, the money you save on gas may be enough to find something fun to do closer to home. For example, try a local hotel for a night, go to an amusement or water park, see a baseball game, rent a boat for a day at a local lake, or try that fancy restaurant you’ve been wanting to check out! Will a little digging, you’ll find there is plenty of fun to be had throughout Kansas City in the summer – and even more no more attractions that are only a da-trip away!

Taking a trip or staying in town, make the most of this summer! And remember, Kansas City Credit Union is here to help make this summer great – with a new auto loan, a 90-day no pay offer, or even refinancing a car or home!

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