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Open a Kids Savings Account at KCCU – Get Started with Only $25!

Learning financial responsibility takes time, but children of any age can start saving and understand the importance of saving. Opening a savings account at an early age will benefit them later in life and they will thank you! Open a Kids savings account at Kansas City Credit Union for as little as $25.

As an added bonus, when you open a new savings account for your child at Kansas City Credit Union, you/your child will be entered to win the new Kansas City Edition Monopoly game! Kansas City Monopoly is played the same way as the original Monopoly but, instead of made-up places, it features Kansas City landmarks and businesses around the board game – in fact,  KCCU now has its own square on the board! (Check out photos and more information about the launch of the all new KC Monopoly game here.)


Here are a few helpful reasons to consider opening a savings account for your child:

  • It teaches them about money and saving at an early age.
  • Visiting the credit union when they’re young will allow them to feel comfortable here as they get older.
  • They can learn about online banking – and even become familiar with our online app.
  • It will help them learn to plan ahead and to set goals and priorities for their money.
  • It provides them a place to put their allowance, birthday money, small job money – and they can watch it grow!
  • Provides an opportunity to learn about interest, and other financial terms, so they can better understand these concepts as they get older.

Some perks of opening a Kansas City Credit Union savings account for your child:

  • There are no monthly account fees.
  • Low opening balance requirements.
  • It’s an easy way to boost a child’s financial education.

A savings account can be a fun way to teach your kids positive money habits from an early age, so think about opening an account together today – plus, don’t forget, you’ll have a chance to win a Kansas City Edition Monopoly game!

Stop by your local Kansas City Credit Union branch or contact us today to get started.

*Kids savings accounts may be opened for children, up to age 17, and have a minimum balance of $25.
There is joint ownership of the account between the parent and child until the child turns 18.

KCCU will draw for one Monopoly game winner each quarter. The winner will be contacted by phone and/or email.