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We recently had a chance to visit with Blake Moore, President of Lakeland KC, and Kansas City Credit Union commercial loan client.

Hear what Blake had to say about how Kansas City Credit Union helped build his dreams and further his company goals. Read this quick recap of the interview and be sure to check out the full interview below!

Tell us a little bit about your company:

Essentially Lakeland sources food and drinks to restaurants and hotels; employees of Lakeland work with distributors and end users alike all across the Midwest and down through Texas.

How did you get into this business?

My father and grandfather actually started the business back in 1981. When I graduated in 1993 it was only natural for me to join the family in the food brokerage business… “honestly I caught the bug.”

What is the size of your operation?

Lakeland is a co-op, so fairly large scale; the company has about 23 markets across the Midwest which means we service hundreds of thousands of customers and distributors.

What do you love most about being a food broker?

I love cooking food, I love getting to try the food, and I love getting to help local customers develop their menus.

What made you decide to reach out to Kansas City Credit Union for financing?

When we joined Lakeland, we knew it was time to expand. After looking into many banks and financial institutions, Kansas City Credit Union was just the best fit. Meeting Nick Richmond really settled it in our minds.

The whole experience was amazing – Nick is a true professional and extremely easy to work with…one of my best business partners that I’ve ever had.

How did Kansas City Credit Union take you from sharing dreams to a goal plan?

Our goal was to really consider how we look to outside manufacturers so Nick advised us to start by purchasing our building and lot; with Kansas City Credit Union we were able to launch and complete a full expansion as well as establish a line of credit. Our complete buildout took our team from a 1970s building to this century with a full culinary kitchen, advanced classroom settings, an updated and professional conference room, as well as an upgraded walk in freezer and cooler.

What’s the best way to get contact you and learn about your company?

Check out our website where you can find all our information!

Be sure to watch the full video interview here! Are you excited to see how Kansas City Credit Union can transform your finances and make your dreams a reality? Contact us today to get started!

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