We recently chatted with Jonathan Kelly from the Fireplace & Bar-B-Q Center to get to know more about his business and the process of securing a loan with us.

Jonathan Kelly is the President and owner of Fireplace & Bar-B-Q Center, located at 105th and Metcalf in Overland Park. Not only do they offer the best fireplace and barbecue products, but also the best sales, service and installation. Learn more in the video below, then read on to find out more about Jonathan’s experience with Kansas City Credit Union.

1. What were your business goals for obtaining a loan from Kansas City Credit Union?

We obtained a line of credit from Kansas City Credit Union because a good business will always need a backup plan in case things do not go as smoothly as planned. For example, sometimes manufacturers will offer special pricing for seasonal items, which is not necessarily at the same time as our busy season. A line of credit helps even out cash flow.

2. How has the loan helped your business – and how is business now?

Having more cushion with a line of credit is helpful to navigate months when sells are off and gives peace of mind as a security blanket. Being a seasonal business in the outdoor category, the weather can sometimes make or break a month. As for now, for Fireplace and Bar-B-Q Center, business is good with an uptick in home remodeling and outdoor living areas since stay at home orders have been mandated.

3. Tell us about the loan benefits and the process – how did it go?

The terms and fees were very reasonable and working with Nick Richmond was great due to his patience, calmness, and knowledge of the banking industry. The closing process also went well. Nick was able to schedule a place most convenient to us and made himself available for any last-minute questions. Having a good relationship with a banker is extremely helpful. Obviously, they sit in on meetings and hear what other business owners are facing so being able to tap into their knowledge is huge.

4. Do you see yourself doing more business with Kansas City Credit Union in the future? Would you recommend KCCU to another business?

Yes, we would like to do more business with KCCU and build upon the relationship we’ve started. I would absolutely recommend KCCU to other business owners. We appreciate the one-on-one connections of a local credit union.

5. Anything else you’d like to add?

Most people would agree that it is especially important for businesses to have good relationships with their financial institution BEFORE something unexpected happens. I would emphasize that a PERSONAL relationship is even better and that is something KCCU offers.

KCCU interviewed Jonathan Kelly at KC Fireplace & Bar-B-Q Center – watch for complete video interview – coming soon!

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