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Your hard-earned money deserves a strong savings account.

Saving begins with a specific idea or plan in mind. Whether you want to launch a business, turn a hobby into something profitable, or you have a long-term project in mind; with Kansas City Credit Union savings accounts, you have the ability to earn interest – with the flexibility of instant access to your money when you need it.

When you sign up for a Share Savings Account, you become a voting Member of Kansas City Credit Union. It takes a $25 “ownership share” to open and you also begin to earn interest on balances over $100.

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Special Savings Accounts

Special savings are additional savings accounts that can be opened separate from a traditional savings account. Our members generally open these accounts with a specific reason in mind, such as saving for a future investment, vacations and new vehicle funds.

Money Market Accounts

Money Market Accounts are savings accounts that pay higher rates of interest and include some check writing privileges. These types of accounts work well for those who won’t need to regularly withdraw from a savings account and are rewarded with higher interest rates.

Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) allow you to make a deposit for a predetermined term (for example, one year) and it pays a much higher rate of interest compared to a savings account or money market. The money must remain in the account for whatever term the member agrees to or there is a penalty for early withdrawal.

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