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In an effort to expand our services to more Kansas City metropolitan area residents, we are thrilled to announce we have expanded our membership field to Cass County, Missouri!

If you live, work or worship in any of the following cities and towns, you are now eligible to become a member of Kansas City Credit Union:

About Kansas City Credit Union

Kansas City Credit Union exists solely to serve our members in the Kansas City metropolitan area. That means every dollar you invest in Kansas City Credit Union is reinvested in you in the form of high deposit interest rates and low loan rates. It is Kansas City Credit Union’s mission to provide Members with the best terms possible for our financial products. This means Members generally pay lower rates on loans, pay fewer (and lower) fees, and earn higher APYs (Annual Percentage Yields) on savings products than bank customers do.

Maybe it’s time to be a Member. Maybe it’s time to be an Owner. Join Kansas City Credit Union, today.

How Can I Become A Member?
It’s easy! If you live, work, or worship in Jackson, Clay or Cass County, Missouri, you are eligible for membership. You are also eligible if you are an employee of The City of Kansas City Missouri, Truman Medical Center, or the KCATA (The Metro). Once you qualify, your family members are also eligible to become members.

Is there a cost to become a member?
Once eligible, you are required to open a My KC Savings Account with a minimum $25 balance. This is not a fee. The $25 is your money and is returned when you close your account. Otherwise, the $25 stays in your My KC Savings Account as long as you are an active member in good standing with the credit union.

What does it mean to be a Member?
Your membership makes you a voting member and an equal Owner of Kansas City Credit Union. This gives you one vote for whom you believe should represent the credit union on the Board of Directors/Supervisory Committee. This vote allows you to voice your opinion by voting for who best represents your interest as a Member of Kansas City Credit Union.

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