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Kansas City Credit Union teams up with A.B. May for Training Academy Event

On February 6, 2023, the Kansas City Credit Union once again partnered with A.B. May for their annual Training Academy Event with the Eastwood Elementary 5th grade class. The class took a field trip to A.B. May, where they learned about different job duties that employees perform for A.B. May. There were also breakout sessions with the Kansas City Credit Union where students learned about the topic of Financial Education and how to apply the concepts they learned to their daily lives.
The Credit Union created a reality game called “A-Walk-Through-Life.” Each student that participated received a paycheck to represent their household income. Then they learned about paying bills, budgeting, and establishing a savings goal, as well as options for how to enjoy any money left over.
At the end of the field trip, all 60 students were presented with a Graduation Certificate from A.B. May. In addition, the students received a Certificate of Completion for participating in the KCCU reality game. This certificate entitles the students to open a savings account at the Kansas City Credit Union, where KCCU will make their initial $25 deposit.
The Credit Union always enjoys supporting the Caring for Kids Program at Eastwood Hills Elementary – please enjoy a few photos from the event below!
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