Financial Education

Financial Coaching Program

Who do you turn to for financial advice in terms you understand?

Introducing Financial Coaching from Kansas City Credit Union.

Trusted advisors taking the stress out of managing your money.


You work hard for your money – wouldn’t it be great if your money worked harder for you? Maybe you’re wanting to learn the basics of money management. Or you have a specific goal in mind that involves money – like buying a car or a house. Or maybe you want to learn techniques to emerge from debt – and debt collectors. Or maybe you just want to feel more educated about making financial decisions.

At Kansas City Credit Union we’re committed to empowering our members to be financially independent. We educate and empower our members via our relationship-driven Member Service Representatives – some of the best and most knowledgeable financial professionals in the industry.

This program is offered in person or via online conference. Book a session to get started today!

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