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Congratulations to our 2nd class of Catch Success Graduates!

On Wednesday, August 9th, 2023, the Kansas City Credit Union’s Catch Success Program celebrated the graduation of its second group of participants. Catch Success is part of the YMCA’s Launch Pad program, in which KCCU staff members visited the Linwood Y over the course of the summer to teach students grades 6 through 12 about money management.

Catch Success Graduation

KCCU and YMCA recognized this pretty special group of young people at an August event where they were each awarded graduation certificates, vouchers for complimentary $25 savings accounts at Kansas City Credit Union, a money management card game, and a dual bobblehead featuring Royals players Nicky Lopez and Vinnie Pasquantino, courtesy of Janee Lee of the Kansas City Credit Union and the YMCA’s Andre Sigler.

Although Lopez could not attend, he pre-recorded a video message for the group where he congratulated all of the kids for their hard work and completion of “Catch Success” the KCCU financial wellness program implemented by Nicky Lopez, KCCU and the Y. Donated Minsky’s pizza was also a highlight for both kids and adults at the event. The official program ended  with the presentation of a $10,000 check from KCCU to the YMCA for ongoing programming at the Linwood Y, for a total of $50,000 in total cash donations from KCCU to the Y during the first two years of Catch Success program!

Once a week throughout the summer while attending the Y’s daily Launch Pad sessions, KCCU hosted Catch Success, an ongoing series of hands on learning events where the kids learned about the history of money, how to budget for both short- and long-term purchases, how interest is accrued over time, how to save for emergencies, and how to plan for life-long financial security. And, during a marketing oriented session, the Catch Success kids developed marketing ideas and presented them to Lopez, who went on to give them high praise, especially for an idea they had for marketing Nicky’s name and number on a commemorative baseball base. After the presentation Nicky and the kids enjoyed a pick-up basketball game!

Message from Nicky Lopez

Lopez commented that Catch Success had the potential to be a truly a life-changing program, one that could have a multigenerational on the participants and their families. He noted the program was something he had not seen before in other ballplayers’ work with not-for-profit organizations – and that he was proud to be a part of it. Nicky noted he really didn’t learn about money management himself until he was in college – which made him doubly-excited for these students as they were able to get such a meaningful head start on such an important life skill at such a young age. In his video message to the graduates he encouraged them to start budgeting and saving for the future as soon as possible – as the future arrives sooner than expected – and, by being informed about finances and starting to save early, even a little bit, can make a big difference.

“This has been a great summer for the YMCA and the kids that were part of Catch Success,” said the YMCA’s Sigler.  “When athletes like Nicky Lopez and organizations like Kansas City Credit Union step up to help influence the future success of young people in Kansas City, we all win. Catch Success is not just a name, it has been a hands-on part of our weekly Launch Pad programming at the Linwood Y, and the kids have loved it!”

Congratulations to each graduate – and thank you to the team at the Linwood YMCA,  Nicky Lopez, and everyone who helped make the program a success for a second summer!

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