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Auto Loan Savings

Save up to 1% when you apply for an auto loan with Kansas City Credit Union!*

Discover Auto Loan Savings
With Kansas City Credit Union

Apply today and save up to 1% off your auto loan rates compared to other banks!*

Did you know that when you become a Kansas City Credit Union Member you can save up to 1% on your interest rate over a bank or car dealer? It’s true. We’re a not for profit and we pass the savings on to you.

*Limited time offer: Complete this application and save up to 1%!


*Application Processed Offsite Through It’s Me 247 Online Banking

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How Much Can You Save?

Save Money With a Lower Interest Rate

On a $25,000 loan, going from 8% to 7% in interest could save you...

$872.61 OR approx. 207 Gallons of Gas

Want To Learn How Much You’ll Save? Use our savings calculator >>>

Auto Loan Calculator
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Click To Apply Today For Up To 1% Off An Auto Loan!

*Application Processed Offsite Through It’s Me 247 Online Banking

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