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About Us

When you join Kansas City Credit Union, you’re not just an account number – you’re an owner.

“Let it never be forgotten, a credit union is, above all else, an association of people, not dollars.” -Mathew A.

Kansas City Credit Union opened our doors in 1940 to serve the employees of the City of Kansas City, Missouri. Today, we serve residents throughout Jackson, Cass and Clay Counties in Missouri as well as employees of the City of Kansas City Missouri, Truman Medical Center, KCATA (Metro) and their family members no matter where they live.

Kansas City Credit Union exists solely to serve our members in the Kansas City metropolitan area. That means every dollar you invest in Kansas City Credit Union is reinvested in you in the form of high deposit interest rates and low loan rates.

Credit Unions vs. Banks

What makes banks and credit unions different?

Simple: Their profit status.

Banks are for-profit, meaning they are either privately owned or publicly traded, while credit unions are non-profit institutions.

A credit union is set up as a cooperative, which means it is owned by its members. Credit unions typically open membership to individuals who share a common bond, such as the industry they are employed in, the community they live in, their faith or membership in another organization. Credit unions are also typically exempt from federal taxes, and some credit unions even receive subsidies from the organizations that they are affiliated with. This means credit unions do not have to concern themselves with making profits for shareholders. There are no corporate pockets to line.

It is Kansas City Credit Union’s mission to provide Members with the best terms possible for our financial products. This means Members generally pay lower rates on loans, pay fewer (and lower) fees, and earn higher APYs (Annual Percentage Yields) on savings products than bank customers do.

Banks are in business to make a profit. Credit unions exist for the financial needs of their members. That’s why banks charge higher fees and higher loan rates.

Maybe it’s time to be a Member. Maybe it’s time to be an Owner. Join Kansas City Credit Union, today.

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